All The Fan Favorite Moments In THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE

All The Fan Favorite Moments In THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE


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In today's original we take a look at the fans most favorite moments from The Super Mario Bros Movie!

After finding himself in a world known as the Mushroom Kingdom, A Brooklyn plumber Mario must travel through this world with a princess named Peach and a mushroom named Toad to find his brother Luigi and save the world from a ruthless fire-breathing monster called Bowser.

00:36 That Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial
01:09 When Bowser Throws a Mosh Pit Party
01:44 That Depressed Blue Luma Star
02:22 Cranky Kong
02:51 Cat Mario
03:24 Rainbow Road
03:59 Let's-a-go!
04:23 When Bowser Serenades a Picture of Peach
04:59 When the Blue Shell Somehow Gets Even Worse
05:40 Mario and Luigi Reunited
06:07 When Peach Keeps Saying "My Toads"
06:34 Mario and Donkey Kong Working Together
07:04 Mario Meets Toad
07:34 When Some Toads Tell Mario to Go to Another Castle
08:10 When Tanooki Mario, of All Characters, Saves the Day
08:43 When Yoshi Finally Makes His Appearance
09:16 Building Karts with the Kongs

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