[English] MPL-ID S5 Regular Season Week 1 Day 3

[English] MPL-ID S5 Regular Season Week 1 Day 3


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The first week of the third day of the Regular Season begins!

Ayam Jago who moved from RRQ Hoshi to Geekfam ID had to meet with their old team in the first week of MPL Indonesia Season 5! Can Ayam Jago bring Geekfam ID to victory against RRQ Hoshi?

Learning from last season's results where Genflix Aerowolf did not make it into the Playoffs, they decided to bring in 4 new players and coaches.

AURA Esports which was in the top 4 of 8 weeks Regular Season in MPL ID S4 also did not get satisfactory results in the Playoffs round.

What are the results of the roster change on Genflix Aerowolf and AURA Esports in the first week of the Regular Season?

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