SPIDER-MAN 3: NO WAY HOME Movie Preview (2021)

SPIDER-MAN 3: NO WAY HOME Movie Preview (2021)


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In today's original we present you a movie preview of the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home!

Coming in December of this year, the third and most likely final part of the Spidey trilogy, "Spider-Man: No Way Home", will finally hit theaters. The date mentioned so far is December 17th. However, as we all know too well, this can be subject to change at any time. So far, there are a lot of rumors about No Way Home. In this video we have taken a closer look at which ones are confirmed or denied and what the plot might look like. So stay tuned, here comes our preview of Spider Man: No Way Home!

00:00 Spider-Man: No Way Home
00:39 What Happened in Far From Home?
01:48 The Cast: Team Spidey, Bad Guys and Rumored Actors
06:26 Potential Plot for Spider-Man 3
08:24 Production of the Marvel Blockbuster

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